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                              Hello Friends, Welcome To Pro Reader

Here You will find summary of books and the biography of many successful people to read.
The purpose of pro reader is to provide books summary and biography of such people who are struggling to achieve success.

I believe that when we read the biography of successful people, we get a chance to learn a lot from their lives. Even when I started reading the biography of the successful people, there were changes in my life too.

Because of which I have started Pro Reader, I will do my best through Pro Reader to write such biography for you which can bring some changes in your life, as the change has come in my life.

I would like to say to the reader that whatever you want or want to make in your life, just read the biography of those people and try to learn from them what they have done that they are known today as a healthy person.

Lastly, I would like to say to you that if you like my thinking then read and share my biography as much as possible.

                                                                                                                                        Thank you 

About me

Hello, friends, my name is Shivam Kumar. By profession, I am a digital marketer. I like reading books, biographies and writing article because of which I have started proreader.in and I hope you like this effort.

If you want to talk to me or give some suggestions, you can contact me with the email given below.


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