You Can Win By Shiv Khera Book Summary In English

    Shiv Khera-You Can Win Book Summary In English

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Friends, a logger named John, was working in a company for 5 years, but he has not got promotion yet. A few days later, a logger named Bill came in that company and got a promotion within a year. John did not like this thing at all. For this, he talked to his boss.

His boss said - you still harvest as many trees as they used to bite 5 years ago. If you cut more trees than before, we will also promote you as well. Now John started working for more than even a year before cutting the tree but still did not cut the tree. He told this to his boss.

Boss said - maybe Bill knows something like that. Which you and I do not know. John went to Bill and asked - how does he cut more trees? Bill said - I stop working for two minutes after cutting every tree and sharpen the edge of my ax.

Importance of Attitude (Shiv Khera You Can Win Book Summary in English)

Your attitude makes you a winner in your life. How soon will any problem in your life end. It depends on your attitude. How big is your attitude in your life? To explain this, I tell you a story.

This is the story. David and Goliath, when David went to meet his brother, he found out there was a monster's panic. David said - why do not you fight with that monster? His brother said - The monster is so big that he can not be killed.

To be big, then listen to the prime minister | Motivational Story

David responded by saying - all of you are wrong. The truth is that the monster is so big that he can not miss a single target placed on it. After this David fought with the monster and he killed him with a slingshot.

From here you can understand that your attitude only makes you a winner in your life. During a study at Harvard University, it has been found that 85% of the people get promotion due to their attitude. Only 15% of the people get promotions due to their knowledge and intelligence.

If you want to come out of any problem present in your life, then make a positive attitude towards that problem.

Success (Shiv Khera You Can Win Book Summary in English)

If you learn the success story of any successful person, you will find that the person has managed to overcome many failures and succeed. You have faced so many failures in your life. People do not make any difference to this point. They just wanted the result.

I tell you the story of such a person. Who had crossed the sea of failures before he succeeded. That man failed in business at the age of 21, he lost in the election at the age of 22, at the age of 24 he again faced failure in business, at the age of 26 his wife would die Added.

At the age of 27, his mental balance worsened, at the age of 34 he lost in the election. He suffered defeat in elections at 45, 47 and even at the age of 49, but at the age of 52, he was elected the US President. That person's name was Abraham Lincoln.

99% of people do not do this | Trust story in English

Now I ask you a question whether Abraham Lincoln was a failed man in your eyes. Think about it for a minute. They have faced so many failures. If they wanted, they could leave the field but they did not do it because they knew that defeat was only an outburst, not the end of the journey.

There is a long list of similar stories. A child was fired from the school by saying that it is a bit retarded. Growing up, she became the child Thomas Edison. Will you consider him as unsuccessful?

Many newspapers refused to give Walt Disney a job saying that they can not make cartoons but your childhood will be laughing with the famous cartoon Mickey Mouse. Would you consider Walt Disney to be unsuccessful?

I can tell you a similar story. One thing is similar in all these stories. All these people were never afraid of failures in their way as they all knew that to be successful, all these failures must be overcome.

Self-Esteem (Shiv Khera You Can Win Book Summary in English)

What do you think about yourself This thing matters a lot more to your life. If you think that you can not do much in your life then you will never be able to achieve something bigger.

On the other hand, if you think that you can do a lot in your life then you will really make a lot bigger, so your attention should always be towards high self-esteem.

once upon a time. A young man was passing through a station. There a beggar was sitting with a bowl full of pencils. The young man put some money in the bowl and went ahead.

When he sat in the train, he remembered something, then he remembered something. She immediately got off the train and went to the beggar. After that, he picked up a few pencils from the bowl and said - I'll take some pencils for these money.

You are a businessman and I too, after saying so much, he is sitting in the train again. A few months later, the person went to a party. In the same party, the beggar was also present in suit and tie.

New business Fear | Fear of Failure Moral Story in English 

That beggar recognized the person. The beggar went to the person to remind him of the pencil. That person asked - what are you doing here?

He said the beggar - you do not know, but on that day you did not give me respect. You told me that I too am a businessman like you. After you went to my mind, why am I begging? My self-esteem rose and I am here today.

Now you may have understood how self-esteem matters to your life. It can increase your ability to work. To explain to you a good way, I tell you the difference between people with high self-esteem and low self-esteem.

People with high self-esteem have creative ideas to talk to. They are different from others. They always have work to talk about and they are givers.

People with low self-esteem talk about people instead of ideas or they can say that they do evil. They never think about others.

They often argue with other people. These people are not giver-taker. Now you may have understood how important it is to have high self-esteem.

How to make the goal- Shiv Khera You Can Win Book Summary in English

A long time ago, a guru was learning to use his arrows to shoot arrows. He asked a wooden bird to put his head on the tree and target him.

He called one of his disciples and asked - Tell me what you see. That disciple said - I see trees, leaves, sky, birds and his eyes. The master set aside that disciple and called the other disciple and again asked the same question.

That disciple answered. I just see the eyes of those birds. When he heard this, the master said - shoot the arrows. The arrows went straight into the eyes of those birds.

Have you ever wondered why most people could not become a winner? In reality, they do not know what they want, that is, they do not have any goal.

Once a passenger came to an intersection and asked a person - this is called the path. The person reversed and asked - Where do you want to go? That passenger said - I do not know. When you hear this person speak - then take anyway, what difference does it make?

Meaning of Smart Goal

According to the author, your goal should be smart. I mean smart to you by a good way.

S for Specific - The clear, example of - If you are thinking of losing weight then this is just a wish. This goal will then be formed. When you decide how many days you will lose weight.

M for Measurable - that is to be measured. If you can not measure your goal then you can not get it.

A for Achievable - i.e. worthy of achieving Your goal should be full of difficulties but not impossible.
R for Realistic - I mean, if someone wants to lose weight 20kg in a day, then it is impossible, so your goal should be real.
T for Time Bound - i.e. timed, you should know the time and time to start your work.
Now you may have understood why your goal should be smart.
Make your Values and Vision long (Shiv Khera You Can Win Book Summary in English)
If you do not think far away then you can never succeed For example, when a man saw the newspaper in the morning, the news of his death in the newspaper was wrongly printed.
After reading the news, his senses went away, then he thought that let's see. What did the people say about him - was written in the newspaper. The king of dynamite died and he was the merchant of death.
It was written because he discovered dynamite. After reading this, she started thinking that she would be remembered in this way. He told himself - I do not want people to remember me like this.
Life Changing Stories Stories in English 
Since that day, he started working for peace. That person's name was Alfred Nobel. It was his vision that today he is remembered for the Nobel Prize.
To be successful you must know your price and vision should be clear. Shiv Khera You Can Win Book Summary in Hindi

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