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An ordinary person who does not have much knowledge of meditation or yoga understands meditation as a prayer, but in reality,, it is not so. Meditation is a different thing from prayer, it gives you spiritual peace. The main aim of meditation is to maintain awareness among human being. Therefore, every year on 15th May is celebrated as World Recognition Day. Whatever you do in your routine, do it with full awareness and try to give your best. This is the main purpose of meditation.

What is Meditation?

The object of meditation should not really be to get any benefit, but even with its help, the human being can achieve its goal by focusing on its purpose. However, if seen, the main purpose of meditation is to maintain compassion, love, patience, generosity, forgiveness, etc. in the mind of man. Meditation is being used as meditation since time immemorial.

It is meditation to listen to your breathing or to listen to the sounds of the parties while living in meditation, but when you do not experience any other thing while living in this mudra, then you are in the right position of meditation.

Meditation is not a technique, but it is a way of life to live a right way. The right way to meditate is to rest on the power of thinking for a limited time. At the time of meditation, a person is free from all kinds of thoughts and his focus is concentrated only on one more.

How to do Meditation?

If meditation is done correctly, it will prove to be very beneficial for you. It gives you physical and mental peace and fitness. But the most important thing for this is that you do it correctly. You can do your meditation correctly, so we are telling you a few ways. Hope this will be helpful for you.

  • First of all select the appropriate place for meditation: First of all, you can meditate on any such place according to your wishes, where you get spiritual peace. But even then where you meditate, on the walls there should be no more dark color, nor more light color. Neither should it be hot in the place, nor too cold (here we mean cold, not the natural cold, but the coolness made by the AC). Apart from all this, keep in mind that there is no noise or any other interference in the place where you meditate.

If you are not comfortable in doing meditation at any one place then you can change the place according to your wish.

  • Select your mediator posture: You can select any condition according to your convenience for meditation. Depending on any condition such as sitting, laying down and standing, meditation can be done. But all these stages have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can meditate in any state according to your wishes, but it will be good for you that you do not always meditate in any one state and change your condition.

  • Standing posture: Many people believe that standing cannot be done for meditation. But it is not. For some people who can not sit properly by sitting or who can not lie in a state for a long time, this condition resolves the problem. This condition is also best for them. To do meditation in this state you have to stand straight and you can comb your hands with the help of your artisans. You can focus your face and vision at any place according to your convenience. And yes you can change the position of your side according to your convenience. And it is important for you to rest your belly and lower back.

  • Reclining posture: To do meditation in this state, you have to lie down one side, and if you lie down on the right side, then your right hand is under your head and the left hand is on its body in a straight line it happens. If you want, you can put a pillow under your head instead of your right hand. If you have any problems in this situation, then you can choose any other situation accordingly.

  • Seated posture: There are many situations for meditation sitting in meditation. Just as a person feels comfortable by adopting, then someone is able to make a parapasana, then someone turns his leg and sits in Vajrasana. You can choose a comfortable position for yourself according to your wish. You can choose the position of your hands and fingers too. When you sit and meditate, then your Cena should be stabbed and your neck should be balanaceous.

  • Meditation (relaxation): If you are in a state of meditation, then pause all thoughts coming to your mind. Whatever is going on in your mind, such as the confusion of your home, the problems of your family or the confusion of your office, remove from your mind and calm every part of your body. Feel that you are beyond this world. You have no problem. You have no work to do. It may be that you have some time to do this, but try to keep your thoughts under your control. If you are able to do this, believe that you will get spiritual peace.

  • Keep practicing: When you meditate or choose a condition for your meditation, it may be that you do not get it right from the beginning, maybe when you try to meditate So your thoughts start to wander. But do not worry if this happens and try to focus again. When you try to do this again and again, you will be able to focus easily.

When you are able to meditate, you will be able to do your meditation properly and with this, you will be physically and mentally fit.

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