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Whatever attracts you in your life, you are attracted by your thoughts. Also, whatever you want in life, even if it is not too big or small, you can achieve it with the help of your thoughts.

But there is a problem here - rather than thinking about what we want, we keep thinking about what we do not want. And as a result, it is what we do not want. The law of attraction does not separate the evil and good, but rather separates it from what you want and what you do not want. | Summary of The secret Book

"The secret book" is a self-help book. This book is based on a pseudo-scientific theory "Law of Attraction" - which means "Choice attracts choice."

 In the book, Rhonda Byrne mainly focuses on how you can transform your dreams into reality. According to him, always thinking about money and prosperity, he comes to you, according to the author, your thinking expresses all these things in your life. Similarly, if you keep thinking about any bad situation constantly, then you will have the feeling of fear.

That's why you should always keep thinking about being positive. There is no such thing as accidents and bad luck. Rather Rhonda Byrne has written that,

"Your current life is a reflection of your past thoughts."

According to Rhonda Byrne, our brain is a magnet and emitter, which gives frequencies from the universe from time to time due to the rule of attraction. At this time, your mind can take you anywhere you want - like the dream of a new house, and sometimes or some other way, one day it comes to you. On the other hand, by continuing to think about war and poverty, you always have bad circumstances in life.

Rhonda Byrne has also tried to tell us through the secret book that thinking about too many negative thoughts will lead you to natural disasters or accidents.

Along with this, the Secret book has also been told about some of the rules of attraction for your good. Whose primary technique is "Ask, Trust, Receive."

In this process, you have to imagine what you want to achieve and believe that you already have that thing present. As such, Rhonda Byrne told that they imagine that they are buying all the things they want to buy. Perhaps doing this will make you feel ill. They say. This universe is our life which is always ready to fulfill our wishes. But unless you ask for anything from him, the universe will not send anything for you.

Rhonda Byrne has divided this task into 3 steps: "Ask, Trust and Receive"

Step 1: - Ask

You should always ask for what you want. As long as you do not ask in the right way, the sign will remain confused and attract mixed results. You do not need to ask for it again because the universe easily understands the obvious thing. Frequently asking about the same thing often leads to suspicion.

Step 2: Trust- Believe

You must learn how to trust before you receive it. You have to believe that the thing has come to you immediately after you make your wish. Because once you learn to trust you can easily move forward in your life. According to Rhonda Byrne, trust is the most difficult step.

Step 3: - Receive

According to Rhonda Byrne, it is necessary to get something that you always thought good about it. For this, he has asked to trust. Be the kind of person you already own the car you want. When you plan that you will be told about that car and said it will park it. By doing such behavior the frequencies will send your positive thinking into the universe and ultimately your desire will be fulfilled in reality.

He has advised to repeat one sentence repeatedly, "I am getting good in my life, and now I am getting everything that I want."

After this, the writer has tried to add the concept of time to the law of attraction. According to them, it takes a lot of time to achieve some things because you do not have complete faith in them. They say - you have the ability to make your life perfect. You are both the driver and owner of your thoughts. You will not even have an idea that you can win this world only on the basis of your thoughts.

The book has given greater emphasis on positive thoughts. Rhonda Byrne has told in our argument that everything is controlled by our thoughts, but our health also depends on it. The author has written that only food can increase your reason, it is because you think so.

In the end, the secret book has been told about the powers of the mind. Whether you believe it or not, according to Rhonda Byrne, your thoughts only come true once a day.

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