The Miracle Morning By Hal Elrod Book Summary In English

                   The Miracle Morning By Hal Elrod 

Hal Elrod became a top-class salesman at the age of 20, his personal and professional life was going well. Everything was going well but then one day when he was going to his house, he had a major accident, a drunken man hit him with his fastest train. The accident was so terrible that many of his bones were broken and he stayed in coma for 6 days. Doctors said that he would never be able to walk anymore.
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Hearing a lot of the doctors, Hal got a big shock and he got sad, but he had taught one thing to his mentor that it is absolutely okay to be disappointed with any negative consequence that we can not change, but much more Not just 5 minutes.

Because being a wise person, think of what we can not change, is just stupid. They applied this rule and left worrying. Hal started to think positively about life and laugh. Doctors thought, Hal is not able to accept the truth.

The result of positive thinking came out, Hal started recovering in 3 weeks, after 3 weeks, he started to walk and he proves doctors wrong. Now after all this, everything has been rectified and good again. After that he broke records of many sales in his company, earned a lot of money, opened his own business, got married, took a new home, and everything started to be the best.

Big blow- Economic Crisis

But Again There was a big setback in his life. The economy crashed in 2007, due to which his business started drowning. He was becoming more and less poor every day. They did not understand anything.

His wife had arranged that he went to his friend and took a sabbatical, he was a very rich person who was doing a lot of good in his life, even in that bad time. He gave them 2 advice- Exercise by rising early in the morning on the first morning and after doing the second exercise, read a book on one of the self-imprints.

This Advice Hal did not like anything and went away but because there was nothing else to understand, that is why it is thought to try it. After that, his day started going well. Hal Elrod thought that he would not only book read and practice but would research the things that every human being does for personal development and to advance himself and make them a ritual every day and then they have a lot of search By which they found 6 important points which every successful person follows.

Hal, after setting a 6-morning routine, doubled his income within 2 months and saved his house from selling

He himself was surprised by this change, so he named the book "The Miracle Morning".
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