If you want to succeed in life then adopt these 13 simple rules!

If you do not get success despite all your efforts, then you need to bring some changes in yourself. By adopting these "13 Success Mantras" below, you can flag your success in every area of life.
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 Promote Karma Practices

To promote the habit of karma, practice these main points:

1. Be cautious. Become a worker rather than work.

2. Do not wait for the conditions to be favorable. They are never friendly. Whenever obstacles and difficulties arise, find out how to solve them.

3. Remember, only ideas do not get success. The value of thoughts is only when you fully implement them.

4. Work to overcome fear and gain confidence. Do the things you are most afraid to do, deliberately do to him. Surely your fear will run away.

5. Keep your mind awake mentally. Do not wait to be the right mood. Start doing the work and your mood will be right by itself.

6. Start working now. Such words as "tomorrow", "next week" or "later", are synonymous with the word "never". Immediately get involved in thinking, "Yes, start this work right now". Instead of wasting time in any work preparation, do it directly.

7. Take the initiative, fight, become volunteers. Snatch the ball and race towards the goal. Prove it to the people that show that you have the ability to do karma and great ambition.

8. Put your mind in the top gear and walk on the path to success, and keep moving until you achieve your goal.

To turn defeat into victory, implement these five principles:

1. Study the failure in depth so that you can move on to the path of success. Whenever you lose, take a lesson from it and then start preparing to win the next time with your whole mind.

2. Have the courage to become creative critics of yourself. Find out your mistakes and weaknesses and correct them. With this, you will become a professional.

3. Stop blaming fate. Take a deeper analysis of every failure. Find out where the mistake was made. Remember, no man has ever reached the blame on the fate, where he wanted to reach.

4. Coordinate the experiment with passionately. Instead of working in the same way, use new styles instead. Be Experimental and Creative

5. Every situation has a good (positive) aspect. Find it, and once again you will be filled with excitement.

Remember, you see only what you want to see in any situation. When you develop a clear vision, then all things work well for you. Do not forget that the difference between success and failure is only due to the fact that your attitude towards failure, obstacle, disappointing situations and discouraging things is what it is! Therefore, always look at the good aspects of the situation and try to convert defeat into victory.

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