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In 21 century we can not hide the truth. If you want to become an effective leader today, you will have to know the benefits of reading - reading benefits and developing your intellect.

If you ask a person a person why you not read books? he tell you that he has no time but if he look in his daily schedule he found he waste a lot of time in other things. Which does not matter to you? So, anything happens every day for some time to read books.

Books reading benefits:

  1. The only one way to make your brain healthy and young is reading books.
  2. The habit of reading improves your vocabulary.
  3. The habit of reading encourages you to achieve your life goal.
  4. It makes you more sensible
  5. The habit of reading teaches you new things. And keep you one step ahead of from those people who don't read books.
  6. Reading books is the easiest way to increase your leadership abilities.

How to make this and easy?

Find some good writers. Writer such as Shiv Khera, Chetan Bhagat, Peter Drucker, and Svet Mondan are one of the world's most attracted and famous writers, you can never go to the wrong path by reading them. In one time try to read only one author books it gives you a lot of happiness.
Find some good blogs. This is the best way to practice your brain, to practice a little.

Put aside some time It is very easy to throw away reading of your busy schedules but if you want to be a great leader, then you have to give some time to read from your day. You can read books in any time it depends on you which time you like to read.

Some people come from the train often because of us, so reading this will be appropriate so that we can make good use of this time too.

Go to the local library. There are all the books that we want to buy. For this reason, instead of buying bookbags, going into the library to save money and never go to the library,

Buy Kindle. According to the researchers, those who use Kindles, they read three times more than people who do not use kindles.

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