Bhavish Aggarwal-Ola cab biography in english

Hello today, we will know about the success of the company ola cabs and the founder and CEO of ola company, who have left the job of a big company like Microsoft and started a company named ola cabs, which is today hitting its peak at the highest peak of success.
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So let's know about the founder and ceo Bhavis Agarwal of ola cabs and about the success of ola cabs

Bhavesh Agarwal was born on August 25, 1985 in Ludhiana, which is a major city in the state of Punjab. His father's name is Nares Kumar Agarwal and mother's name is Usha Agarwal.

If Bhavesh Agarwal ji talks about education, he has done from Indian instiute of technology Mumbai. Bhavis Agarwal was promising from the beginning and he had a glimpse of an entrepreneur. After passing the Bhavis, his job was like a Microsoft-like humidity company, but Bhavis Agnar was obsessed with doing something different in his mind. Bhavesh Agarwal was not satisfied with the job of Microsoft. After a few days, he left the job of Microsoft. With such a big decision, his parents were very drenchant. But Bhavis ignored all these and kept his passion alive.

He knew that success was coming in one or the other day and knocking on his door, why did not he knock on them. By leaving Microsoft's job for such a huge risk to fulfill his dreams and fulfilling his dreams, he used to think that the job would never be met. First of all, the biggest thing to be done was to make a big difference, Bhavis Agarwal, who had a different mindset, finally embraced his car success.

Ola cabs start

Talking about the beginning of ola, the drawers started arising due to bad behavior with the arbitrariness and the planets.

Bhavis explains that one day he was going to Bangalore from Bandi. On the way, they had to bear the bad behavior of the drawer; the drawer started demanding money from them only in the middle of the road, due to this drawer's incident, they had to get off the road on the way and they had to travel by another car. He used to put this bad behavior of the drawer in his heart, not knowing how many people would have had to endure such a long time with him, he kept thinking about this way and he They should also be something that were thinking that customers have to face such difficulties.

Then he introduced the Ola cabs, introduced in 2010, to provide reliable trawling, which makes the customer quite satisfied. Due to ola coming today trwling has become much easier. On one of the orders, the car will come in front of your home to provide a good travel facility.

Ola is making its facility available in more than 100 cities today. Ola from a small room
Today, more than 1 billion paise companies have been created.

"This success of Bhavesh Aggarwal gives us a clear message that do not be a part of the crowd. Think from the very least, give your life to shape your thinking and do not get success until you get a silent one or a day Success will definitely.

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