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1. Michael Jackson's inspirational story in English:

Once a journalist asked Michael Jackson: "What do they think of doing dance?"

In response, Michael Jackson said that - - "Thinking is the biggest mistake a dancer could do while dancing. Actually, you do not have to think about dancing, you have to feel the dance and have to flirt with the drift. "

2. Bruce Lee's inspirational advice in English:

"Be like the water that makes its way through the mountains. Do not be harsh, but adapt yourself to the situation, and you will also find a way out of that water. "

"If there is no hardness in you, then the outer things begin to manifest itself."

"Empty your mind, become formless, ungainly, just like water.

"If you put the water into cups, then it is transformed into a cup shape, if you put the water in the bottle, then it comes in the shape of the bottle. If you put it in a teapot, then it becomes a teapot. "

"Now the water can flow or break the thing in which it is lying. be water, my friend."

3. Will Smith's inspirational advice in English:

"To be honest, I really think that if I want, I can become the President of America. If you want to be successful, it is very important to have a confused belief in you - "

"You have to believe in something that can be different from what happened in the past 50 million years of history."

I am inspired by fear. From whom? Fear of fear.

I hate to fear to do something, and I think that in my early days I had adopted the attitude of attacking those things from which I was afraid.

Greatness is not like a wonderful, enigmatic, elusive God that only special people will ever be able to taste it. It exists in all of us. It is very easy to sit with Nelson Mandela, sitting with Mohammed Ali. That is my belief, and I am ready to die for this too.

4. Donald Trump's inspirational story in English:

Kiss once told Donald Trump that "Sir, you got success overnight, did not you?"

In reply to Mr. Trump said "You are right, my friends. I got success overnight but you do not know how long that night was? "

5. John Lennon's inspirational story in English:

When John Lennon was five, his mother told him that "Being happy in life is very important."

Then one day his school teacher asked him, "What do you want to become when you grow up?

Then John Lennon responded that "I want to be happy by growing up."

Upon hearing this, the teacher came near John and put his hand on John's shoulder, "Son, I think you did not understand my question."

In response, John smiled slightly and said, "Sir, I think you did not understand life."

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