Vijay Shekhar Sharma Biography

You must have heard the name of Paytm. Most of us are also using it. And also taking advantage of the facilities provided by it. But do you know who has begun Paytm? In fact, Paytm was started by Vijay Shekhar Sharma. In this post of today, we are going to introduce you to some of the things related to the life of Vijay Shekhar Sharma.

                            Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Vijay Shekhar Sharma
As we all know, the failures of many successful failures in the lives of every successful person is an important contribution. Often we get frustrated because of the failures in our life and pull our steps backward, but by learning from these failures, the person who moves forward leads to the success of the same person kissing.

In this post of today, we are going to make you aware of this same inspirational story of Vijay Shekhar Sharma. We will tell you how, in the face of the difficulties in life, with passion, passion, and courage, he wrote his own story of success.

Early Life

Vijay Shekhar Sharma was born on July 8, 1973, in the village of Vijaygarh in the district of Uttar Pradesh, located in Uttar Pradesh state. He was born in a middle-class family. Her mother was a housewife and Dad was a teacher in a school.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma Education

Vijay Shekhar completed his initial education from a Hindi medium school in Vijaygarh village. From the very beginning, Vijay Shekhar was a very meritorious student who passed his preliminary examinations with good numbers.

College studies

After passing the 12th standard examination at the age of 14, he got admission in B. Tech in Delhi College of Engineering.

Since Vijayasekhar had introduced his early education through Hindi, due to which he was very weak in English. So, they started having difficulty in engineering. Even because of this, it was difficult to get passed in college exams. Such a student who has topped his every exam from the beginning is extremely difficult for him to face, even when he has to face difficulties in passin

The result was that Vijay Sekhar's mind started relinquishing engineering. And they started getting disappointed with their life. The result of Jeez was that Vijayshekhar was absent in his class. Once upon a time, he got the idea that he would quit engineering.

But it is said that when a person's luck is good and there is a sense of doing something in the person, then the person who comes in lakhs of problems goes above him. Something similar happened with Vijay Shekhar. He firmly determined that he would improve his English. For this, he started learning English from many places. With the help of Newspapers, Magazine etc., they started increasing their English knowledge.

On the strength of hard work and strong will, Vijayshekhar became proficient in English language soon.

Journey to Paytm

Vijay Sekhar wanted to do something in his life which could make him differently in the world. He always kept trying for it.

In those days when Vijay's attention had shifted from engineering and he became absent in the classroom, he had enough time to use them to understand the world of Internet properly.

Vijay Shekhar considers the founder of Yahoo! Mr. Sabeer Bhatia as his inspiration. And like them, they wanted to make their name in the Internet world.

Vijay Shekhar's dream was to go to Stanford College and study. But due to their financial condition, this could not be possible. But still he did not give up, and he followed coding by pursuing some Genius students of Stanford College. Not only did he learn coding with the help of various books. And with the help of which they created the content management system. Many of India's big news magazines also used their content.

When Vijay Shekhar was in the third year of Engineering, he started a company named XS, which was very much liked by the Business Model logo, along with some of his friends. In 1999, Shekhar started working as a staffer by selling this company to America's Lotus Network for $ 5,00,000.

But they did not have to do jobs. One particular reason for this was that Vijay Shekhar's trend was on business side. Vijay Shekhar started the idea of starting a new business And in this endeavor, how to set up new business

Then, in 2001, Vijay Shekhar founded the 97th in which he put all the money deposited so far but for one reason, One97 failed to work in the initial round. This failure has broken Vijayasekhar from inside. Not only this, due to its failure, Vijayashekhar was also troubled by economic difficulties. It is said that when there is trouble, they leave with themselves, and some of them also went along with them. At this time, the partners who were with them left the One97 and left.

At this time Vijay Shekhar was struggling with much financial problems. Even so, sometimes they did not have any money to say anything and they used to drink tea all day long.

But in these difficult situations Vijay Shekhar did not give up his courage and continued to work hard and hard-working.

At this time Vijay Shekhar was struggling with many financial problems, Even so, sometimes they did not have any money

But in these difficult situations, Vijay Shekhar did not give up his courage and continued hard work and hard-working.

Now a new idea in Vijaya Shekhar's mind started making his house. Actually, the smartphone was new in the market and it soon became a major place in the life of the people. Seeing the time and the popularity of the smartphone, Vijay Shekhar's mind was born in the mind of cashless transaction Idea born took

They first put the corresponding proposition in front of the Board of One97. But since it was the first round of One97, the board members refused to raise any risk.

After refusing the board, Vijay Shekhar started working on it in another way. For this, he began to apply 1% of his personal equity, which was around $ 2 Mn, and with the help of his efforts, he founded Paytm in 2001.

Initially, Paytm was used to recharge the mobile or recharge the DTH. Slowly, more features were added in the last few days, with the help of electricity bill, gas bill, train ticket, bus ticket etc. As these companies became popular among people, the new features were added in the same way. Shopping facility at Paytm was also made available.

In today's era, Paytm has become popular among all. Since the beginning of the notebook and since the Prime Minister has launched the campaign of cashless India, the use of Changzhou has increased further among the people. Not only this, Paytm has emerged as India's most popular online payment site. The main reason is the service provided by this company. This company is providing its services in all the states of Ind

The total turnover of this company has reached 15,000 crores, which tells the success of Vijay Shekhar. That's not the story of their success. He was elected as 'India's Hottest Business Leader under 40' by Economic Times.

This story of Vijay Shekhar is the source of inspiration for every person who has a sense of doing anything on the basis of his hard work. Not only this, for those people who have lost their difficulties in life, this story is a new ray of hope.

Every person should be inspired by Vijay Shekhar and try to keep moving ahead by learning from him instead of accepting difficulties in life.

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