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Think and grow rich is a self-help book written by Napoleon Hill. Now know this, friends, this book is written within 20 years. What did Napoleon Hill do to write this book? 500 people of the time who were very successful in their time Such as Thomas Alva Edison Alexander Graham Bell Henry Ford George Eastman met people like and interviewed them And wrote this book The principals mentioned in this book If someone follows that principle then he will definitely succeed in his life.

About Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill (born name  Oliver Napoleon Hill; October 26, 1883 - November 8, 1970) was an American author. He wrote primarily his writings related to self-help (self-help-literature). His book Think and Grow Rich (1937) is the most famous and best known as his article. This book is one of the 10 best selling books of the day, in the books of this genre. The books of Hill prove that it is very urgent to have a strong desire to make life better. Most of his books advise to follow the principles to achieve "success.

                                  Summary of think and grow rich book

Friends Napoleon Hill was a famous journalist and writer of his time who once had the opportunity to interview during an interview interviewing Andrew Carnegie, the wealthiest person of his time, Carnegie made an offer in front of Napoleon, he said, "I know most people fail in life There are some things to be successful by making a try but in reality, it is the reality that the Principal of being successful is universal and is very similar to everyone in which people are open It is better to learn from people rather than learn by taking a lot of time, therefore, I want you to prepare a philosophy and a book which is the knowledge given by some of the most successful people in the world who will be able to become quick in life. I help you get some interviews from some successful people in the world, give them contact with them, but yes I to you so just give the money for Traveling So what do you offer Like to accept, Will do Napoleon accepted the proposal after just a few seconds, after which he did 20 years researching Doing the world's 500 most rich and successful people interviews and a wonderful Book Build, which summarized you today Well, this book has many important and very understandable things but today I will only share 5 important points with you. Let's start.

Point 1-  Desire

The first step to complete any of your dreams is that there is a lot of strong desire for that thing, not just wishing for example. For most people, when they see a sports car, they wish I also wish I It is such an expensive car, whereas on the other hand people with strong desire think that something like this Ferrari car is very much like me and I can only do it one day and nothing will happen except that of Purchase. The show may have possible. Because the fact is that the more strong a human will desire to achieve their goals, the more chances of him to fulfill him, I now tell you another good example of strong desire.

In 1519 a great warrior went by way of water to cross a foreign land and they had to do that land on their own name and that was their wish that he wanted to fulfill in any condition but when he arrived there With some 500 soldiers, it was discovered that the enemy was very much in number from them, and seeing this, the great warrior ordered his soldiers to burn all their ships because they were killed in war Neither was he in any condition but he also knew if the ship would stay, his soldiers would like to retreat and he could also think of running away, so he burnt the ship and said that now only two things can happen Either we all will die either by surrender or we will defeat that great army with its full force, the result of this emotional speech and dangerous decision came out that something like his soldiers By winning his life with the ers he won the battle.

This is the extreme desire which does not even think of your life ahead of its dream. I am not suggesting you now that you too have your life but at least your hard work, your time and other things that you can apply It will have to be done. The author says that for the sake of his dreams, the use of this principle can also be done to fulfill the desire to earn our money, which is by following these 6 steps.

Step Number 1- Fix Amount of Money You Want

Do not worry about the amount of money you earn, it is not just now that you are saying that I have to earn a lot of money and no execute is not in fact, unless you decide on the important thing, you will be like that wandering ship. Which has gone out in the sea but it does not even know its destination and due to which the channels of its drowning is very high, therefore it is very important that you  have to decide the exact amount of money you should get for living with happiness

Step Number 2-  Determine exactly what you intend to give in return for your desire

Now, what are you ready to sacrifice for that amount, please do this exclusively dissection such as that the applicant should disclose that I am ready to spend my time in order to earn my money, how many days, how many hours do I work I am ready to sacrifice such a sleep sacrifice etc., because this is the rule of the world, to get anything, you will have to give some returns.

Step number 3- Establish a definite date when you intend to possess the money you desire

Fix a date that before I go to this date, I will be earning enough money to earn as much money as I have disposed of, whatever it may be, whatever happens.

Step Number 4- Create a definite plan

You make a plan as you can and then start working on that plan, do not wait too much, I will start by making a good plan or by creating a perfect plan because there is no such thing as a perfect plan, so take action.

Step No 5- Right down everything

Write these four points in a book well and write it down, because one will give you indirection which will help you to move forward. Last and most important step is

Step Number 6- Read it daily

Look at all the things you have written, at least two times in a day, and repeat it again and again, because doing so will make you sit in your Subconscious mind which is very important to think and grow rich.

These were the 6 steps that would turn your Burning Desire into reality. So far, I have just mentioned 1 point out of 5 points and the remaining 4 points will come in the blog. I hope you like this summary

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