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During the Holocaust in 1940, author Victor Franklin was made a prisoner and placed
in a concentration camp in Nazi. Holocaust is meant to kill people on a large scale.
Victor Franklin's parents, wife, and brother in the Holocaust meant that the whole
family was killed. In the concentration camps, there were excesses in excess of the
prisoners. They used to work for 16 - 16 hours, they were killed, they used to be
mentally and physically tortured, they were given food to eat, they had to eat their
family, their yard or their favorite food such simple tops But it was not allowed to
speak. There was no cacao blankets and clothes in the cup of cold water.
Prisoners could not tolerate hunger, excess work and torcher. Every day many prisoners
were killed by hunger and disease, the prisoners of weak and untimely were killed by
putting them in the gas chamber, and many prisoners used to succor too.
In World War 2 many such concentration camps were opened, in which millions of
people died and Victor Franklin was made a prisoner in such a camp. He spent three
hard years of his life.
Where maximum prisoners who were brought with them died on one side, on the other
side, even after Victor Franklin cooperated with the tortured, after surviving the
hunger-sickness, still living after losing his family, living at the most difficult time of
life See, teach the meaning of life. After leaving the concentration camp, he wrote a
book which has so far sold more than 10 million copies and has changed the lives of
millions of people.
In today's post, I will share some of the Importance Lessons learned with his own book.

1. Strong 'Why' To Live For

Victor Professor was a doctor and he used to help sick people in the camp. Well, in
front of Victor in that camp, many prisoners died every day due to illness, but one of
their prisoners died due to the death of Victor. The prisoner had become typhus, typhus
is a kind of fever caused by many bacterial infections.
Before death, the patient had come to visit Victor, and he said to Victor, "Doctor
I dreamed yesterday morning, I heard a voice from the dream, who told me that I have
the answer to all your questions, ask me Which is to ask. "Then I asked the voice,
" When will the war be completed and I will be able to go home from this camp? "
Then that voice said," March 30 ". While expressing this dream he was happy about
the prisoner's face, he believed that dream to be true and he was sure that he would go
home in the next 30 days. But as soon as the 30th day began to come closer, the war
and the excess began to rise, and the chances of leaving the prisoner's camp ended,
after which on 29 March the prisoner became ill, became unconscious, fell unconscious
on the 30th day and 31 The prisoner died on March. For all, the prisoner's death was typhus,
but Victor and other doctors of the camp had learned that the prisoner had given up
hope of getting out of it and that was the real reason for his death. The resident of the
prisoner's living, he was not able to see him, because of which his body also gave up
with him. Due to most of the deaths of prisoners in the camp, most of the deaths were
between the Christmas and the New Year, due to the fact that the majority of people
had exposed that they would leave this problem until Christmas or New Year and in
their house Celebrate the festival. But as soon as Christmas comes naturally, it will not
be such that it is going to happen and they lose their courage and lose their lives.
Victor could spend all three years in that camp because he had a reason to live life, why
did he have some goals, he wanted to get out and finish. Before he was caught, he had
to complete his incomplete book, meet his wife, why he did not know that he had died,
and because of this life's destiny, he lost courage in the camp. Survived Such
concentration camps, which saved the prisoners, was the clear way to live their life.
To fight against the difficulties of life, and to achieve success, it is necessary to
emphasize that the ability to live your life will be strong, meaning that why you are
strong. If you want to get what you want to get, why do you want to raise it early in
the morning, if you want to get good marks, why should you want it, why do you
have to do business then why? There should be very strong behind all of these. Why
if the answer to this 'why' is not strong, if the goal is not cleared then you will not be
able to do anything in life.
Exams, if you decide today, that I have to get up early to do meditation tomorrow,
then there are many more chances that you will not be able to get up, but if you come
to know that if tomorrow you did not arrive before 4 o'clock, If you will shoot, you
will wake up without the alarm before 4 o'clock, or you will not even sleep in the
insight. It is important to have such strong strength and persistence as 'Why' to
achieve our dreams.

2. We Give Meaning

There is a concept of 'wisdom', 'vacuity', emptiness, which says that everything is
empty and everything is meaningless, meaning that whatever things happen with us,
it is neutral and we By calculating it according to its meaning, make it positive or
Exams: Victor used to do clinical psychiatry before going to the concentration camp.
One day, a patient came to him who loved his wife and was not able to bear the pain
of his death. Victor asked the patient, "What would happen if you died before your
wife ..?" Then that patient said, "It would have been more painful to the extent, he
would fall alone and save my death pain." Victor said to the patient, "You see, you
are suffering from the pain of his part", seeing the sight of his own Bibi's death, the
attitude of that patient changed only that his pain decreased.
Guys, we give negative messages to small things too many times and create frustration
and pain for themselves, like, whenever a carriage passes quickly around us, we get
negative mining, be angry They start giving abuses to that car, so that does not make
any difference to that carrier, but we create frustration and pain for ourselves, it is
better than we can do this thing. Jitiv means removing like he might be in a medical
emergency, even if he is trying to become a hero, even if he is trying to become a hero
he should not be a medical emergency, but because of the positive meanings we can
use an emotional pen Creates are avoided.
Even worse in bad situations, someone's sympathy, linking around the world can not
make you good, if there is one thing in bad standing that can make you feel good, then
it is your own non-changing constitution. Positive Meaning.

3. Change Yourself, Not Situation There is

no control over all the things that happen in our lives, such as traffic, rain, the death of
one of our close relatives, economy, thinking of other people etc. etc. Even in our own
body, can not control about 90% of the things. Still, we try to control these things by
the stupid people themselves, make their own time and energy, create excess emotional
pens for themselves, due to which life is not delayed.
We have to understand that no matter how much we can not change the behavior of
someone else, we can not control the traffic, even if we can not stop anyone's death.
There is only one thing you can control, that is, yourself. If it is raining, then enjoy the
wetness, or eat the sweet potato, if others do not like it, then ignore it, traffic is there,
because of the trouble, music is fun, some close person has died, Explain that Death
is a Natural Process Anyone who is not immortal here, everyone has to die one day or
not, but as long as it is alive, enjoy life.
There should not be any realization in your life so that you also create an emotional
pan for yourself for 1 hour.
Victor Frank is in such a situation of concentration camps where he could have died
 any time. Then they had no food, clothes, even then 16-16 hours had to work hard, in his bad time they were far from the family, but in such a difficult situation, they
changed themselves apart from blaming the status quo And came out of that situation.
We must also change ourselves by not blaming anyone in the worst of the worst of our
lives, only then something good can happen in our life.

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