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It is important to keep the ups and downs in life because the direct line of ECG also means death. This is to say that Padma Bhushan, a great Indian entrepreneur, is from Ratan Tata, Padma Vibhushan. For the benefit of the people of his country and country, he took the "Tata Group" bigger by taking the values of life alive. In this video of today, we will try to get the life of Ratan Tata closer.

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Ratan Tata was born on December 28, 1937, in Bombay, today in Mumbai, in a Parsi family. His father's name was Naval Tata and mother's name was Sonu Tata.

Ratan Tata has done his first year of education and studied at Cathedral and John Cannon School, Mumbai, and Bishop Cotton School, Shimla.
When Ratan Tata was 10 years old in 1948, his parents became divers, due to which his grandmother took Ratan Tata.
From Manisha to be an architect, she entered the Cornell University of America for further studies
Ratan Tata Sharma was of Kasim and did not believe in the false gloss of society. Forgetting his own Tata name, Ratan Tata has done a lot of hard work by applying the utensil in the hotel till the completion of his education in the US till flor cleaner.
In 1959, he graduated in the Bachelor of Architect. From 1961, he started his career with working on Tata Steel's shop floor at Tata Group. According to Tata's tradition, till 1970, he worked in different companies of Tata Group. In 1970 he was promoted in management.
In 1971, Ratan Tata was given the responsibility of Tata Group's TV and radio maker and Nelco company, which runs in deficit. In the next 3 years, Ratan Tatane raised this company and increased Nailco's market share from 2% to 20%. But the Nelco company had to shut down due to the emergency and subsequent economic recession in the country. This Ratan was the first major expanse in Tata's life

In 1975, Ratan Tata earned a management degree from Harvard University.In 1977, Ratan Tata was awarded the Tata Group's 'Express Mill' company, Bagdaur, which was on the verge of closure. Ratan Tata offered to invest Rs 50 lakh in the company to manage the company again, but the management rejected the offer. The company also closed soon. This was the second big expanse in Ratan Tata's life. But Ratan Tata learned something from this
In 1981, Ratan Tata was made the Chairman of Tata Industries.
Ratan Tata was made the chairman of Tata Group by JRD Tata in 1991, after which the Tata Group started growing rapidly.
Tata already had commercial and passenger vehicles, but in order to fulfill the dream of the common Indian car, Ratan Tata launched the luxury car "Indica" in India completely on December 30, 1998. Ratan Tata had this dream project and he worked hard to fulfill it. But auto analysts critically critiqued this car, which resulted in the sale of Tata Indica. Tata Indica did not get good response in the market and within a year, Tata Indica flopped, which caused huge losses to Tata Motors. After which Ratan Tata had to face all the allotments regarding his decision. Then some close friends and partners suggested Ratan Tata sell his car business to another company to compensate the cause of Indica.

Since Ratan Tata had himself a plan to launch the car and had suffered losses, then Ratan Tata thought this suggestion was right. They took a proposal to sell their car company with partners to Ford Company.
Meeting of Ratan Tata and his partners with Ford Company lasted about three hours. Ford Company Chairman Bill Ford's attitude with Ratan Tata was flat. In the talk, Bill Ford told Ratan Tata, "If you did not come to build a car, why did you put so much money in this business? We are doing this by buying this company. "
This is Ratan Tata's heart. He came back after leaving the deal with his partner overnight. He was feeling humiliated thinking about the whole path he had met in the meeting. They now had to answer Bill Ford for his success.
Going back, Ratan Tata put his full focus on Tata Motors, researched for years and started his whole life, introducing Indica's new version 'Indica V2'. After a few years of initial shocks, Ratan Tata's car business began to grow in a good rhythm and proved to be a profitable business.
On the other hand, the Ford company was losing the money due to its Jaguar and Land Rover and came to the brink of bankruptcy in 2008.
At that time Ratan Tata proposed to buy his luxury car Jaguar and Land Rover in front of the company, which Bill Billy gladly accepted.
Bill Ford reached the Tata Group's headquarters in the same way with his partners, as if ever Ratan Tata went to their headquarters to meet Bill Ford. Ratan Tata bought the Jaguar and Land Rover brand from Ford Company for $ 2.3 billion.
This time, Bill Ford reiterated the same point he had told Ratan Tata in the last meeting, just this time the talk was somewhat positive
Bill Ford said to Ratan Tata, "You are doing a great favor by buying our company."
Today Jaguar and Land Rover are part of the Tata Group and the market is moving forward with better profits.
If Ratan Tata wanted, Bill Ford could have answered in the same meeting, but Ratan Tata was not drunk in his success. This is the song that shows the difference between a successful and great person.
Like Jaguar and Land Rover, Ratan Tata has bought many companies.
in 2000, Tata bought the Tea Bags inventor company "Tetley" of Canada and became the world's largest tea bag maker. Any Indian company, taking over the foreign company, was the biggest deal.
In 2008, Ratan Tata made the car "Tata Nano" in the Rs 1 lakh to complete the dream of the middle-class people who were traveling on the scooters. Initially, the car got good response, but later a chip car became such an image that "Flat the Tata Nano".
Knowing the power of the Internet, Ratan Tata has invested in many online portals such as Ola Cabs, PayTm, Xiomi, Snapdeal, Zivame, CashKaro, First Cry, Lens Cart, CarDekho, KyaZoonga, BlueStone, UrbonLadder etc
On December 28, 2012, in the age of 75 years, Ratan Tata resigned as Chairman of "Tata Group" and made Cyrus Mistry as Chairman.
Later, Ratan Tata removed Cyrus Mistry from the post of Chairman, for which he was accused of being a dictator who was wrong. On top of this topic, we will talk in detail in the second video.
Ratan Tata lives the life span. They have an attachment to books and animals and they live in a flat in Colaba with their 2 dogs.
Like the tradition of Tata Group, Ratan Tata has increased the profit of the Tata company by 40 times and 50 times the profits in 21 years of career while raising policies and values.
Today, there are more than 100 companies in the Tata Group that operate in 150 countries and more than 7 lakh plus employees are working. For the country's responsibility and love, the Tata Group donates 66% of its profits to the country.
Ratan Tata has been honored with many awards, but in the year 2000, Padmabhushan and Padma Vibhushan in the year 2008, India's second highest prize, Ratan Tata was felicitated.
Friends were the story of Ratan Tata.

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